Samaj Pragati Kendra is a non-profitable humanitarian based civil society organization led by women, working among indigenous communities in the rural villages of Jharkhand.

The target groups are women, children, girl child, marginalized farmers, and victims of trafficking, unemployed youths and people in difficult situations. The organizational programmes are concentrated on the thematic areas violence and discrimination against women, safety and education of girl child, poverty, rural women entrepreneurships, sustainable agriculture, environment, skill training, advocacy and laisoining with CSRs of corporate and government ministries.

Some Glimpse Of Our Activities With Staff And Volunteers


The birth of a girl child is less welcomed in Indian patriarchal societies. From the time of birth, she faces rejections, discrimination, humiliation, and oppression. The birth of a girl child is less welcomed in Indian patriarchal societies.

It is an act of courage and wonderful to hear the voice of the heart. It happened with Sr. Martha Toppo who sacrificed the comfort and security of life at a congregation and choose the life to serve the children in the street of Ranchi.

Tribal youths are constantly in threat of being marginalized, unemployed, discriminated in social conducts, deprived of government opportunities, disadvantaged, and bear the stigma of minorities.

World Bank identifies Jharkhand as the most poverty-stricken state but blessed with 40 % abundant natural and mineral resources of the country, 27% cheerful and hardworking tribal population with a rich cultural heritage and traditional knowledge but people are battling with “hunger and massive unemployment”.


Trafficking of women, girls and children are the challenging issues since last five decades  that has threatening to destroy the social fabric of tribal society in Jharkhand, making it the greatest tragedies of human right violation

Self Help Groups have become a stable mechanism towards social, political, economic and educational empowerment of women. Women SHG federation is another powerful women organization to foster desired transformations. 155 villages with 160 active SHG groups with 2700 members’ coverage around 25000 populations is systematically organized.

“ANKUR GIRLS (age12-35) is a movement of girls led by girls to speak up of gender discrimination, domestic violence, gender-based violence, trafficking, sexual assaults, rape and exploitation. It aims to empower girls to achieve freedom, safety and dignity of life through cadre formation, training, mass mobilization, rally, demonstration, influencing government to stop violence against girls and women.

There is no day left when there is no news reporting of rapes, sexual assaults, killing or other forms of gender-based violence in Jharkhand. 39696 cases of violence against women and girls have been registered in 2018 in Jharkhand in different courts. Two in every three women is a victim of gender-based violence (GBV) by intimate partners, community members and non-partners.