ANKUR GIRLS (age 12-35) are happy, healthy, confident, leaders and lifetime successful. They have power to achieve potentials to transform idea into action, question into adventure and confident into practice. They are accompanied with courage, confidence, character, resilience and agent of change and torchbearers. Ankur Girls have the ability to transform selves, family and the nation.

“ANKUR GIRLS” is a movement of girls led by girls to speak up of gender discrimination, domestic violence, trafficking, sexual assaults, rape, exploitation etc. It aims to empower girls to achieve   freedom, safety and dignity of life through cadre formation, training, mass mobilization, rally, demonstration, influencing government to stop violence against girls and women. It will result in attitudinal and behavioral change in the community; girls raise voice against injustice, inequality and get freedom to decide their destiny, individually and collectively.


1. Strengthening girls to grow in freedom, equality, positive values, knowledgeable, , healthy relationship, challenges as opportunities, and eco-friendly.

2. To strive towards gender equality, promote feminism; eliminate all forms of discrimination and violence against women and girls.

3. To ensure participation of girls in decision making process in family, schools and society.

4. Conducive environment to physical, metal, rational, emotional, spiritual growth to choose their career and future destiny.

Activities :

  1. Formation of ANKUR GIRLS cadre in villages and schools
  2. Training of girls on leadership, personality development, dynamics of human behavior, decision making process, challenges, risk management etc.
  3. Awareness creation on social evils, forms of discriminations and violence, social systems etc. and existing laws, policies and practices.
  4. Training on sexuality, reproductive health, safe relationship, values of being a girl.
  5. Entrepreneurship, team building,
  6. Trainings on all forms of work skill, soft skill, and life copying skills for the future career.



Girls are not safe even in their own home fearing sexual violence, by her own guardian, brothers, close relatives, peer groups and male friends.  90 % girls are victims of gender base violence. Everyday 3 girls die of unsafe abortion. 47% girls are married between 12-18. 40% girls have sexual relationship before 19 years of age. 90% girls have not heard menstrual hygiene before 20 years of age in rural villages. Everyday there is reporting of rape cases and brutal killing of girls in Jharkhand.

Response to Challenges:

SPK will build cadre of 500 units of ANKUR GIRLS to train on gender equality towards physical, metal, rational, emotional, spiritual maturity   to choose adequate career and future destiny. They obtained trainings on sexuality, reproductive health, safe relationship, values of being a girl. They are made aware of the logistic social evils, forms of discriminations and violence, social systems etc. and existing laws, policies and practices. They are united to raise voice against the forms, formalities of discrimination and violence against girls.


  1. Society free from rape or sexual assaults or gender based violence and other form s of discriminations.
  2. Girls are free, fearless and safe to choose lives.
  3. 2000 girls (TOT) become powerful agent for change in the society.
  4. 100 powerful girls’ leaders effectively enforcing change in communities. Direct agent of change to reduce violence and trafficking.
  5. 500 ANKUR GIRLS groups, membership, ensuring no child marriages.
  6. ANKUR GIRLS movement initiated in 15 girls’ schools in 2019 for 1500 memberships.
  7. Girls are trained to control over the situations and about herself.
  8. Total 2000 Girls understanding sexuality and reproductive health.
  9. Girls completing higher secondary education and taking promising careers.
  10. Girls excelling every field of life.
  11. Government taking strong lawful actions against violence on girls and women.

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