Trafficking of women, girls and children is the major issues that are threatening to destroy the social fabric of tribal society in Jharkhand, making it the greatest tragedies of human right violation.  This issue has not been sufficiently highlighted nor addressed effectively because the victims involved in this issue are the poorest, the unknown, voiceless and the faceless. Trafficked are vulnerable to physical, sexual, and mental exploitations. They are controlled by exploiters and forced to live dehumanized life. They loose freedom to choose life and happiness. Jharkhand is in serious peril, of extinction, demoralization, humiliation and systematic human right violation.  Large trafficking, migration and displacement of tribal has brought them into minority in their own home land.

 According to CID reports every year 39,000 girls are trafficked from Jharkhand, out of which 80% are tribal girls below the age of 18. But the reports of other reliable sources put it around 40,000 per year. According to  publication “Narisamvad”  Dr. Renu  Dewan Reader, Department of  Psychology ,  Ranchi Women’s college Ranchi in her research studies the most vulnerable group of migrated girls are of the age group from 12-18 years. 74.5% are educated till matriculation, 25.5% adolescents are above Matriculate. 80% of these adolescents are influenced by the brokers.  About 80% of these girls are burdened by socio economic responsibilities of their families. The research also highlighted that 82% of these girls are also influenced by their Boyfriends to come along with them. 68% of them are unmarried.

SPK Jharkhand