OBJECTIVES: Empowerment of women and girls through women led CBOs, SHGs federations, ANKUR GIRLS cadres, traditional social institutions for economic self reliance and defend from existing forms, manifestations of discriminations of violence.
1. Hunger free society through sustainable agriculture, employment generation through rural entrepreneurships and access to food and social securities schemes of the governments.
2. Promotion of safe and healthy childhood, preferentially educating girl child, environmental creation for equal opportunities for physical, emotional, relational, intellectual and spiritual growth.
3. Skilling women in construction works, upgrading skills, rural entrepreneurship, life skills and value additional in all their undertakings.
4. Formation, capacity building and empowerment of ANKUR GIRLS (age12-30) as feminist promoters, defender of women and girls, safety at work place and building girls friendly society where girls are free to choose their destiny.
5. Rehabilitate victims of trafficking, witch-hunting, widows and socially alienated women and girl children from difficult situations.
6. To conserve, protect, promote and develop the culture of tribal and other backward communities; identify issues confronting them and devise plans for sustainable solutions.
7. To ensure environmental sustainability, water and soil conservation, reduce water and soil contamination and use of chemical pesticides, promotion of eco-diversity and bio fertilizer agriculture practices.
8. Establishment of wellness centers, promotion of herbal medicines and nutrition, ensure safe motherhood, decrease child mortality. Help people suffering from incurable sickness cancer, HIV AIDS, etc.
9. Senior people, orphanage, widows, girls in difficult situation
10. Collaboration with a local and international fundraising campaign to channelize resource to the people in need.

SPK Jharkhand