Agriculture provides livelihood of 78% people of the state. 95% tribal population is dependent on agriculture. Net cultivable area is 52.48% whereas net irrigated area forms just 9.3 %. Cultivation is predominantly dependent on rainfall. Yearly rainfall is reducing to 1000 – 1300 mm with long interval destroying standing crops. Farmers are indirectly forced to cultivate rain fed single crops at the mercy of God due to lack of agriculture infrastructure development. About 72% of the land holdings belong to small and marginal farmers. Only 0.69% operational holdings are above 10 hectares covering about 9% of the area. Organic Vegetable Growers, the rural marginalized farmers are economically empowered through cooperatives, training and sustainable marketing channels ensuring best value for their produce. It is branded “FRESH ORGANIC VEGETABLES,” in the market with the caption “ORGANIC FOR HEALTHY FAMILY.”

Agriculture training has skilled farmers for organic manure, organic-pesticide preparation improved; preserve traditional seeds, nursery raising, soil and water management, seasonal cash crops, drip irrigation, and promotes orchard in the upland. They are advanced with proven marketing-channels, consumer-behaviors, finance-education and networking to compete in the open market.

SPK Jharkhand