~Organic Vegetable Sustains Better Health~

300 farmers from 15 villages in three clusters; Mandar, Namkum and Pithoria will be trained to advocate for cultivating organic vegetables and market it through special vegetable outlets. After successful model creation mass replication in 100 villages, potential progressive farmers will be identified to grow organic vegetables. Training will cover five major thematic areas (1) Organic vegetable seedling nursery (2) Organic vegetable cultivation (3) Organic fruit plant nursery (4) Organic pesticide (5) Organic vegetable marketing through Organic Vegetable Grower Cooperatives. It is an alternative to high fertilized vegetables which causes health hazards to people and protecting from contaminations, pollutions and degradation of soil. Presently 99% farmers are cultivating vegetables with synthetic fertilizer and pesticide. Every day 5000 MT infected vegetables are consumed in Ranchi. Fertilizers have heavy metals such as mercury and lead which causes hazardous disturbances in kidneys, lungs and liver.  Scientists agree that all fertilizers tested positive for 22 toxic heavy metals which is silver, nickel etc. All are directly linked to human health hazards. Pesticide is poisonous and damages health pollutes air, water and contaminates soil. Thus soil becomes acidic, hard and barren. Various species of microorganism are becoming extinct from the earth and water bodies.

300 farmers will be identified to grow organic vegetables and advocate organic farming. They will be trained for organic vegetable cultivation and submit the production to the cooperative. Cooperative will sell the vegetable in different outlet created by cooperative society. All farmers will be trained to preserve organic seeds, prepare organic pesticide and organize compost, vermin compost and natural storing techniques. Three farmers will be specially trained to grow organic vegetable seedlings and organic fruit plants to provide farmers.

Long Term Impact:

  1. To produce high nutritional quality in sufficient quantity.
  2. Farmers will protect the land from contamination, pollution and degradation of soil and water. It will enhance preservation of various microorganisms.
  3. Farmers become self conscious to save humanity from adverse health hazards, preserve various species of microorganisms.
  4. Farmers are united through “Organic Vegetable Grower Cooperatives” to demand better facilities and subsidies from government.
  5. Farmers earn sustainable source of income through continuous organic vegetable cultivations.
  6. SPK will set up knowledge center for “Organic Vegetable Grower” to impart latest research outcome and disseminate information.

SPK Jharkhand