~Reduce Teenage Pregnancy  And Death~

SPK led coalition partners known as “JHATRA”will launch collectively, awareness campaign, on “Sexual Reproductive Health” in 30 conservative indigenous dominated villages. It will empower and transform lives of 10500 indigenous girls by providing comprehensive knowledge on sexual reproductive health; menstruation, menstrual hygiene, sanitary pad and its disposal, risky behaviors,  infections and sexual transmitted diseases. It is also to ensure that girls assert their rights, to have access to information, health services, clarify biased information on contraception and  misconceptions about sex and sexual behaviors.

The project will train 60 girl leaders from 30 villages from ANKUR GIRLS GROUPS (AGG name of girls movements age11-26) to provide collective and assured leadership to bring attitudinal and behavioral changes. Competent and confident leaders will mobilize and disseminate  knowledge of Sexual Reproductive Health to girls demonstrating through local art, drawing, song, cultural competitions, street play, group discussion, campaign and rally in their respective villages through AGG 360 monthly village meetings.10500 girls will understand reproductive health, sexual behaviors and transform their life; resulting, girl completing at least 12 standard of schooling, reducing abortion death, early pregnancy, child marriage, girls trafficking and girls defend social and cultural stigmas boldly.

Needs Assessmnet :

  • Menstruation is considered dirty and unholy in villages due to illiteracy. Girls in their periods are not permitted to enter kitchen, temples, social functions and draw water from the
  • Abortions are terminated by unprofessional traditional practitioners who use unhygienic equipments and dubious methods. All abortions are done in secret places so that no one comes to know about it. Girls who go through abortion are not easily accepted for Abortion becomes an obstacle to marriage. 80% of abortions done in these conditions are fatal and causes health hazards and lifelong mental scar. There is no post-abortion medical care of such patients. They are unattended which leads to infections, anemic and death. After abortion 90% girls do not go to school due to shame and humiliation. They end their life as school dropouts, child marriage and fall victims of human trafficking.
  • 70% girls and 54% boys village teens are sexually active. But they have no access to adequate information on sexual reproductive health, government 60 % of girls are school dropouts living in extreme poverty and cannot afford even hygienic-sanitary pads. They are more vulnerable to sexual exploitation.
  • Sexuality and reproductive health are essential biological changes of a girl which is misunderstood due to religious mythical beliefs, male domination, social misconceptions and traditional social Illiterate parents and religious leaders transfer false information on reproductive systems.
  • Target tribal villages have 48% teen child bearing due to illiteracy, lack of knowledge of SRH and misconceptions about contraceptives and abortions.


    • 10500 young women/girls from 3 districts acquire comprehensive knowledge on reproductive health, risky behaviors, and safety measures for abortion, nutrition and health services.
    • To reduce teen child bearing and teen pregnancy death by having access to adequate information of health services, government schemes, risky behaviours and unbiased information on contraceptives.
    • Young women/girls are organized through ANKUR GIRLS movements; trained leaders sustain movement, mobilize and collectively educate younger generation about SRH and creating platform for sharing knowledge.
    • Influencing religious, social, traditional, institution leaders to change misconceptions, restrictions and taboos which reduce options of growth of girls and young women.

    Strong and more inclusive movement of Sexual and Reproductive Health through coalition of CBOs under the network of JHATRA to bring substantial transformation in the lives of girls through advocacy and campaign.

SPK Jharkhand