Jharkhand ranks 27th poorest state in India in spite of 40% natural resources contribution to the nation. According to Unicef & CNNS 2016-18 survey national highest malnutrition children are in Jharkhand contribution 42.9%. Six out of every 10 women are undernourished. 56% population is under BPL category, 40 % seasonal migration and 300 million people have been displaced in the name of development. State tribal population has come down from to 27% in 2011. Forest coverage has been reduced to only 23% depriving tribal from forest product compelling them to migrate to cities.
Tribals have been systematically deprived of economic development, quality education, employment opportunities and access to information and other facilities. CNT and SPT acts are made to protect tribal land. Unfortunately, the government has failed to provide the guardianship to tribals. Large population has infiltration in the scheduled area and has encroached tribal lands. Now this threat of existence for tribals.

SPK Jharkhand