VISION: We envision empowered vibrant tribal community being led by women, embedded with tribal culture and rhythms, living delightful and dignified life based on human values of equality, justice and brotherhood.
MISSION: To educate, organize and empower women and tribals, marginalized communities, promoting development as liberating forces, to alleviate hunger, achieve social justice, equality, and economic self- reliance, eco-friendly environment, ensuring higher participation of women, tribals and dalits in the mainstream of lives.
1. 5 lakh women and girls of south Jharkhand are ensured with better livelihood through rural entrepreneurship, safe and healthy motherhood, quality education and employment opportunities by 2029.
2. By 2025, 50000 girls (age 12-30) are obtained membership in ANKUR GIRLS movement which promotes girls empowerment, defending women and girls from all form, manifestations and discrimination of violence.
3. 1000 youths receive skill training, enrolled in technical institutes, (Medicals, TTC, IT, Agriculture etc.) for promising careers.
4. Save women and girls from trafficking, domestic violence, physical assaults and exploitations.
5. 5000 tree plantation every year to promote sustainable environment and to challenge climate change.
6. Special education opportunities to 100 poor girls through sponsorship.
7. Advocacy and campaign for save water, one child one tree, educate girl child, no to plastic,
1. Putting the last first.
2. Be the voice of the unprivileged and marginalized.
3. Ensuring participation, understanding, appreciation and respect silent views of the stakeholders.
4. Strengthening and promoting CBOs in the empowerment process and sustainable development.
5. Acknowledging tribal values of communitarian life, tribal self-governance systems, tribal ways, culture and rhythms of life.
6. Learning government and corporate programmes, their strategies and reaching out to people benefits.
7. Develop stakeholders’ potentials; create opportunities to serve these potentials for services of family,community and nation