~Women Empowerment~

Increasing cases of violence against women (SNCRB) in Jharkhand is a serious threat to women’s dignity, self-identity, self-esteem and wellbeing and also has adverse consequences for the society, family and children’s well-being. It is a human rights violation against women. Our study reveals that women in Jharkhand are most vulnerable to suffer gender-based violence (GBV) by intimate partners, community members and non-partners. 66% victims of violence have suffered physical attack, murder, threatening life, verbal abuses, forced sex, rape of minor girls, sexual abuse, mental tortures, economic deprivation, etc. Women are not safe in their own home. 80% fall victim of domestic violence in a lifetime. 2000 cases have been recorded according to NCRB in 2017. Rape cases have been reported according to (SNCRB) 1116 in October 2018. Unrecorded incidences will be numerous. Every day there is media coverage of brutal rape or killing of woman and girl. 600 women have been killed due to witchcraft false allegations. They suffer silently due to lack of knowledge of laws, and economic helplessness. Samaj Pragati Kendra has been animating, organizing, and training deprived and marginalized women to build confidence CBOs, financial stability, livelihood development, employable skill training, self-esteem and self-dignity and raise voice against the unjust social structure and violence against women and girls. Samaj Pragati Kendra has been successful in empowering women through self-help groups, SHG federations, trained them for rural entrepreneurship, ensuring participation in awareness building, implementing government schemes, participated in employable skill training, revival of tribal culture and traditional institutions. 20000 women have directly benefited from various programes of the organization FUNDRAISING ( global giving ) Project Description: Project Title: To stop violence against women and girls in 100 villages. Project Summary: Women of 100 villages nearly 50000 will be made aware of existing forms, manifestations and discriminations of violence. They are trained about laws and policies of women protection and rights, multi sector services and organized to raise voices against injustice, violence and harmful practices in families and society. Men of target villages accept behavioral and attitudinal changes in social and culture conducts, promoting equality, justice and prevent violence. Strong network of CBOs, “Women Protection Committee, ANKUR GIRLS and Gram Sabha” to ensure 100% safety. 1000 government officers and activists are mobilized to enforce existing laws regarding violence against women. Theory of change: Women and girls of 100 villages will be organized through strong units of CBOs in each village, with Women Protection Committees, ANKUR GIRLS and Gram Sabha. Women will be trained, educated and realized to understand the root causes of violence against women. They will be mobilized and empowered to raise voices. Women and girls start taking individually and collectively actions against women violence. They will initiate changes in one’s thought pattern, action in family, clusters and at large in the local society. They will also start dialogue and confronting men’s social and cultural conducts to intervene existing harmful practices.Core team members strategically plan for demonstration, rallies, conferences with adequate media coverage.Public pressure is created to influence government, execute laws and implement policies to stop violence against women.

Project Outcome:

1.50000 Women and girls of 100 villages are trained and made aware of forms, manifestations and discriminations of violence against women.

2.Awareness created on laws regarding women and girls protections to 50000 women and girls. They get organized to raise voices against inequalities, injustice, exploitations and violence against women in families and society.

3.Behavioral and attitudinal changes of 50000 men of 100 villages in their entire social and culture conduct, promoting equality and justice in the society and prevent all kinds of violence against women.

4.Rally,  demonstration, Conferences are organized at state capital, districts and blocks levels to disseminate information,studies,research, intellectual papers on violence against women to influence government departments, policy makers, legislative, judiciary,commission and committees, NGOs, CBOs, elders, community leaders to amend laws and policies towards zero tolerance to violence against women.

5.Policy change and recommendation for taking action against perpetrators and zero tolerance for violence against women.

6.Existence of One stop center, sexual assault center, help lines, self help groups and counseling in each district.Legal service center become effective to serve 500 women per year to victims of violence.

7.Hoarding, Wall writing, pamphlets, posters, are displayed in public places to influences 2,00000 population of two target districts.

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