Real Estate and Construction Industry is the most rapidly blooming industry in Jharkhand. City is rapidly developing. SPK is determined to train 1500 women on nontraditional trades to create skilled workforce for Construction Industry. It will train on (1) Masonry and pitching (2) Earth work, excavation, root-cutting, blasting operations etc.  (3) Plasterwork, mortar work, (4) Pipe works; (5) Glass works, (6) Painting denting Coating, spraying, lining, (7) Electrical works    (8) Carpentry (9) Steel works. Women labour union will  be establish to demand just wages, securities and facilities.


World Bank identifies Jharkahnd as the most poverty stricken state. It is the 3rd most unemployed states in India. Tribals are battling with “hunger and massive unemployment”. Only 17% population is employed. It means 83% are unemployed or have insecure livelihood.  Unfortunately 60% BPL tribal families are historically marginalized deprived of basic infrastructure facilities and economic opportunities. The outcome is trafficking, migration and unemployment. Construction Industry is the largest unorganized sector to provide 49% employment. It needs skilled workers. SPK will break the traditional myth and prove that women can be skillful builders.


Training in construction trades is organized in Ranchi where 300 construction sites are in progress. In first phase 1500 rural poor unemployed women and girls will be trained without fees. The training may vary from 3 months to 10 months. Training programme will be linked with NSDC. After training, all women will be placed in jobs. SPK will negotiate with builders for just wages, safety, insurance, securities and facilities. Women labour union will be registered to help thousand of unemployed women and girls.


  1. Availability of trained, skillful workforce.
  2. All trained women are equipped to obtain regular jobs.
  3. Trafficking and migration of women and girls is reduced.
  4. Women are competing for secured jobs.
  5. New culture of women the builders become popular in Jharkhand.

SPK Jharkhand